Kadomatsu Workshop

Sho-Chiku-Bai or pine, bamboo and plum are three most conspicuous plants for the Japanese New Year. Far and wide in Japan, during the new year celebration, or Oshogatsu, you will find these plants at residential doorways and the entrances to temples, shrines, public and commercial facilities alike. They are kadomatsu or “the guardians of the gate” in various forms as the boughs of the three plants are tied together. A common interpretation goes: evergreen pine tree as the symbol of constancy and longevity; bamboo for its uprightness and resilience; and plum as purity and the first blossom in spring, providing the sense of renewal. The trio of plants accordingly occupies prominent positions in traditional Japanese gardens. The preparation of a kadomatsu is an important year-end task for a Japanese gardener. Note: Reservations for this class open November 6 at 8am.

A program of The Portland Japanese Garden

Location: The Portland Japanese Garden
611 SW Kingston Ave
Portland, Oregon 97205

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Fee:  $80 For members of the Portland Japanese Garden, $90 for non-members