Introduction to Grow BioIntensive

If you had to grow all your own food on a small plot of land with minimal outside inputs, could you do it? GROW BIOINTENSIVE is a sustainable farming and gardening method that has been taught in many countries as a way for people to feed themselves even when they might not have access to much land or fertilizers. The class will explain the basic principles of this system: deep soil preparation, composting, intensive planting, companion planting, maximizing biomass production, maximizing calorie production, open-pollinated seeds, and a whole systems approach. We will also discuss the history and philosophy of GROW BIOINTENSIVE farming, as well as how to get your own project started.

Taught by Ryan Batjiaka. Ryan Batjiaka is an Assistant Garden Manager at Ecology Action in Willits, CA.

A project of Common Ground, sponsored by Ecology Action of the San Francisco Bay Area’s mid peninsula. For 40 years this 501(c)(3) non project has offered hands a number of activities to meet their goal of “Creating Abundance in Community.”  These include classes and events in organic gardening and sustainable lifestyles, as well as items like seeds and plant starts, organic composts, fertilizers, mulches, tools, natural disease and pests control products and much more.

For more information and to register, see the Common Ground Classes and Events website page. Note: Early registration is recommended as classes sell out.

Fee: $31