Hydroponics Outdoor Gardening

Marin Master Gardeners and the Novato Library.

Grow superior quality edibles and make the best use of scarce resources – learn how easy it can be to grow the best, most nutritious edibles with HYDROPONICS! Come satisfy your curiosity about hydroponics and learn how easy it can be to grow the best, most nutritious edibles. Some of the significant benefits are no digging, no weeding, no heavy lifting (the heaviest piece of equipment is a garden hose), no pests like gophers or soil-based diseases to deal with, no mulching, no composting, no fertilizer runoff and no wasting of scarce water resources

The Speaker is Stan Barbarich, a Marin Master Gardener since 2012, is a consultant with years of experience growing in soil and by hydroponics. He lives on a floating home which means he is a dedicated container gardener. As a former chef, he constantly studies and experiments with a variety of growing techniques, always aiming to grow sustainably while maximizing flavor, quality, nutrition and yield.

Cost: Free

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