HPSO Winter Program with Bill Noble

Come in from the January cold and spend an afternoon learning about American gardens that inspire and excite!

Bill Noble, former Director of Preservation for The Garden Conservancy, is uniquely positioned to tell us about the incredible gardens that have influenced him in his work as a garden designer and preservationist.

In Bills own words, The gardens that inspire me most are those of extraordinary plantsmen and women who have grasped the raw material of a site and through their engagement with place have created gardens both eloquent and useful. He surveys historic and contemporary gardens with a place for the genuine, and shares with us the lessons of those gardens.

Beyond the creation of these gardens, Bill speaks about how these durable gardens are being sustained today. His talk sows the seeds of a panel discussion that follows. Bill is joined by Bobbie Dolp and Gretchen Carnaby from Lord & Schryver Conservancy in Salem. Theyll describe the grass roots effort that led to the purchase and preservation of Gaiety Hollow, the garden and home of Elizabeth Lord and Edith Schryver, iconic landscape architects.

Join Bill for this insiders tour of superb gardens, and learn more about an extraordinary one thats in our own backyard!

Admission – $20 (members) $30 (non-members)