HPSO Gen(i)us Program: ‘How the Scarlet Lady Changed the World of Clematis’

Genus geniuses, Linda Beutler and Maurice Horn, will speak about the “How the Scarlet Lady Changed the World of Clematis”.

Linda Beutler and Maurice Horn will show how an obscure North American species change the course of clematis breeding.  Follow Clematis texensis on that journey, and learn how this Holy Grail of clematis collectors influenced—and continues to influence—generations of clematis breeders. With progeny such as the classic French hybrid ‘Ville de Lyon’, and the truly red ‘Gravetye Beauty’, the dominant genetic thread of this unassuming vine is unassailable. As a prolific pollen donor and a bountiful seed parent, C.
texensis continues to weave its influence into modern hybrids, most notably in Japan. Linda and Maurice will share cultivation tips and review the best of the currently available hybrids.

$5 per ticket. Tickets available at the door only.  Pay by cash or check.

For more information:

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Phone: (503) 224-5718
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