HPSO Genius Program: Growing the World’s Best Edibles

Genus genius, Alice Doyle of Log House Plants, will speak about “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: Growing the World’s Best Edibles”!

From cherished heritage cultivars to brand-new, hand-bred hybrids that offer amazing flavor, extraordinary vigor, and terrific disease resistance, Alice Doyle brings aspiring home gardeners up to speed on a wide array of plants, offering old favorites along with new varieties, colors and tastes.  She’ll also highlight new techniques for grafting and growing super vegetables, and introduce unsung hero “artisan hybridizers” whose work offers hope for seed crops, human health, and wild flora and fauna. This fascinating look at the challenges and treasures of tomorrow’s table will change the way you think about growing veggies!

Alice Doyle is a co-founder of the innovative Oregon wholesale nursery Log House Plants. The first grower in the United States to offer grafted vegetables to home gardeners, Log House Plants seeks the best of traditional edibles and food crops of tomorrow, distributing annuals, vegetables, perennials and herbs to the fine independent nurseries of the PNW and grafted vegetables nationally through SuperNaturals Grafted Vegetables LLC with Plug Connection and GardenLife.

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