How to Install a Laundry to Landscape Greywater Irrigation System

Learn how to turn your laundry ‘waste’ water into a resource again by irrigating your garden, and saving up to 50% on your water bill. This system is considered ‘the low hanging fruit’ of greywater as it is low cost, legal without a permit and a lot of fun to build. So why pay for more water when plants love greywater, especially as water rates continue to increase? On the class we will understand the rules to follow in the California plumbers code to build a safe, reliable, gravity based system with no filters to clog, pumps or other parts to break down over time.  We’ll learn how to assess your site for suitability and cover basic plumbing and landscaping skills needed. Additionally you’ll learn about what plants do best with greywater and the do’s and don’ts of residential greywater reuse.

A program of the San Diego Botanic Garden.

Location: San Diego Botanic Garden
230 Quail Gardens Drive
Encinitas CA 92024

See the Classes page for additional information. Registration required for this class by August 22.

Fee: $25 for members of the San Diego Botanic Garden, $30 for non-members.