Honing In on the Best Plants for Your Garden

When beginning to select plants for your garden, it often seems at first that the universe of plants is vast and huge: so many plants, so many options!  Attend our lecture by Darcy Daniels, principal designer Bloomtown Gardens, who has been designing gardens and helping clients connect with their outdoor spaces since 2001. Once you get started, you soon find that each garden situation is pretty specific, and only some plants in the universe are going to be happy with the light, water, and space you have for them. To hone in on the best plants for your garden, it may help to think of the process as something like a Venn diagram with three circles: one representing all the plants in the universe; one that represents the plants that fit your garden situation; and one that represents the plants you love and want to grow — where the circles overlap will be plants that not only thrive in your garden, but will make you happy every day!

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