Hands On Hypertufa

Hypertufa troughs and bowls lend rustic antiquity and character to any garden. Relatively lightweight garden containers that look like weathered, porous stone are crafted from a mixture of cement, coir fibers, and perlite shaped in simple molds. Each class participant will create a small pot to learn the basics of this fun DIY project. Class instructor Steve Gerischer will discuss working with dyes, texturing, and many other tricks of the trade he’s honed over the many years he’s been working in this medium.

In addition to the workshop, a selection of finished hypertufa troughs—some already planted—bowls, mushrooms, pots, and decorative orbs will be for sale.

Workshop fees will benefit Pacific Horticulture; proceeds from the sale of hypertufa items will be divided between Pacific Horticulture and Arlington Gardens.

$40 PHS member
$45 General Public

Registration cost includes all materials, dress in your grubbies.