Greywater & Rain Water: A Water-wise Home & Garden

Everything you ever wanted to know about grey water and rain water — from washing clothes and flushing toilets with the thousand gallons of rain water stored on this small lot, to the use of greywater in the garden, plus information on a fully solar house, and more!

Thsi small urban garden packs in a lot: Margaret and Geoff have created a “laundry-to-landscape” grey water system that supports a wetland planted with natives such as cow parsnip, rushes, and sedges, and surrounded with thimbleberry, sneezeweed and columbine. Greywater from sinks and showers empties into two mulch basins, providing water to raspberries and other plants.

Rain water collected off the roof is stored under the deck and used throughout the year to wash clothes and flush a toilet.

A dry shade native plant garden has been planted under a large coast live oak. A small flock of happy chickens live under the oak in a coop made of recycled materials.

A program of the Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour.

Location: Berkeley, California. Additional details are provided upon registration.

Fee: $30