Gourmet Veggie Gardening

Juicy strawberries glistening with morning dew; plump pea pods dangling like earrings from their vines; freshly sliced tomatoes still warm from the afternoon sun—kitchen gardeners have access to some seriously amazing food. Many crops can be eaten at more than one stage of growth or have several edible parts, including fruit, roots, leaves, flower buds, and seed pods. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to harvest crops like garlic scapes and green coriander, learn about the best vegetable varieties for the Pacific Northwest, and how to create a succession planting plan that will allow you to keep your garden productive all year long.

A program of the Portland Nursery.

Location: Stark Street Store
5050 SE Stark
Portland, OR 97215

For more information, see the Classes section of the Portland Nursery website.

No fee but registration is required and class sizes limited.