Gift of Paradise: The Splendor and Purpose of Persian Design

The rich and ancient culture of Persia has had a wide-ranging and long-lasting impact, covering such diverse arts as architecture, textiles, ceramics, poetry, and landscape design—the word “paradise” actually originates from pairi-daeza, the Persian name for a walled garden. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, responding to a hot, dry climate, and infusing their work with both order and fluidity, the Persians created masterful works that continue to enchant and influence

Trace the evolution of Paradise and discover a 21st century application for ancient practices and aesthetics at Gift of Paradise: The Splendor and Purpose of Persian Design, a Garden Conservancy event co-sponsored by Pacific Horticulture.

The featured speaker are:

Patrick Hunt – “Tracing the Persian Garden in Other Cultures”

Christy Edstrom O’Hara – “Persia to Spain to California: Lessons in Garden Design”

Walter Denny – “Chahar Bagh: The Persian Formal Garden and Its Refection in Islamic Carpets, Textiles, and Arts of the Book”

Cristi Walden – “Tales of Arabian Tiles: Persian Palaces, Sufi Shrines, and Turkish Temples”

This event includes lunch.

Fee is $85 for members of Pacific Horticulture and the Garden Conservancy; $95 for non members.  Preregistration is required and you register at the Garden Conservancy’s website or by calling them at 845-424-6500 in New York.

Location is at:
The Ebell of Los Angeles
743 So. Lucerene Blvd.
Los Angeles, California