Gardening with California Natives

Sponsors: Marin Master Gardeners and the Mill Valley Library

There are thousands of native California plants and Marin County’s Mediterranean climate is the perfect place for many of them.

Learn why and how using native plants in your landscape is a way to help make up for habitat lost to development. Because native plants have co-evolved with native birds, butterflies, bees, other beneficial insects and mammals, planting them in your gardens helps maintain these populations. Using native plants you can build a beautiful landscape that uses less water and fewer chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

The Speaker: Before becoming a Marin Master Gardener in 2014, Bob Mauceli was a Master Gardener for 9 years in New York. He lives on a north Novato hillside that has 21 Tuscan olive trees and landscaping using native trees, shrubs, groundcovers and perennials. Bob is also a member of the California Native Plant Society, the SIR garden club and is a birder and ad hoc member of the Marin Audubon Conservation Committee. He has built natural habitats in all of the places he and his family have lived.

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