Flowers That Flirt and the Bees That Buzz Them

How drab our gardens would be without the vibrantly-colored flowers we grow. Of course, there wouldn’t be nearly the diversity of these flowers without the work of a single family of insects—bees! This family is composed of honey bees, bumblebees, mason bees, carpenter bees and many others, and they pollinate close to 70 percent of all flowering plants. In fact, there are thought to be about 250 species of bees in western Oregon alone. This class will take a look at the some of the more common bee pollinators, the interaction between bees and flowers, and a tour of the nursery’s many bee-friendly plants.

A program of Joy Creek Nursery.

Location: Joy Creek Nursery
20300 NW Watson Road
Scappoose, OR 97056

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