End-of-the-season Plant Sale

The San Francisco Botanical Garden Society propagates and sells a multitude of different kinds of plants, many exclusive to the Garden’s Nursery and all suitable for growing in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is a unique opportunity to acquire plants seldom found in commercial nurseries or garden centers. All plants are propagated from the Garden’s own collection by volunteers.

This month’s sale features plants from the nursery’s general collection.

These sales are a program of the San Francisco Botanical Garden and include a monthly sale featuring a specific plant type, and a major plant sale each May. Most of the monthly sales are held in the Nursery; the Garden’s admission price is deducted from the total purchase price.  Additionally select plants are sold daily at the Arbor, near the Garden’s entrance and for which no garden admission is charged.  Some of the monthly sales may be held at the Arbor; see each listing for that month’s plant sale location.

November Location: The Arbor (garden entrance)
San Francisco Botanical Garden
Golden Gate Park
9th Ave & Lincoln Way
San Francisco, CA 94122