Crop Rotation

A program of the UCCE Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County.

What do we mean by “crop rotation” and how does this apply to the home vegetable gardener?  . Many disease organisms are soil-borne, and may persist in the soil for several years. Disease problems often increase when the same crop is planted in the same area in successive years. Annually rotating your vegetables in the garden can help reduce the severity of diseases. Rotation may also help curb insect infestations. Insect populations and plant damage may increase when the same crop is planted in the same area over several years. Additionally, vegetable crops in the same botanical family are often susceptible to the same diseases and insects. For crop rotation to be effective, gardeners should not plant vegetables belonging to the same plant family in the same location for two or three years. Crop rotation in a small garden may be difficult. However, home gardeners should rotate their vegetable crops as best they can. Join Master Gardener Niki Muller to learn how you can apply this helpful technique.

Location: Evergreen Branch Library
2635 Aborn Rd.
San Jose, CA

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