Butterflies – Biology, Behavior, and Identification

Butterflies are conspicuous insects familiar to anyone who has walked outdoors on a sunny day. While some species have become rare or threatened due to habitat loss, many are ubiquitous in both urban and rural landscapes. Their caterpillars feed externally on plants, often sequestering toxins from their host plants to aid in their own defense. In this workshop, taught by Peter Oboyski, through classroom presentations, discussion, and hands-on activities we will explore the diversity of butterflies, their life cycles and host plants, behaviors, and identification, with a special focus on California and the Bay Area.  We will then tour the Essig Museum of Entomlogy, including the now extinct Xerces blue butterfly, then head to the field to spot caterpillars and butterflies. We will also discuss how to promote butterflies in your own neighborhood by providing resources for both larvae and adults.  Please bring a lunch.

Cost:  $250 Members; $280 Non-Members
For more information:  https://ucjeps.berkeley.edu/