Berkeley-Sakai Traditional Tea Ceremony

Join us to kick off our year of Japanese events at the UC Botanical Garden in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Berkeley – Sakai sister city organization. Come meet the Mayors of both cities and enjoy a traditional tea ceremony, with exceptional tea, wine, and live koto performance in Julia Morgan Hall.

Sakai City is the birthplace of the Chanoyu Tea Ceremony, perfected by Sen-no Rikyu, who lived and worked in Sakai. The tea ceremony will be performed by the Urasenke Foundation, direct descendants of Sen-no Rikyu, and the matcha tea will come from Sakai. The Mayor of Sakai, Osami Takeyama, and the Chair of Sakai City Council, Mamoru, Yoshikawa, will be joining us at the UC Botanical Garden, along with Berkeley’s Mayor Jesse Arreguin.

Following the tea ceremony will be a performance by the Murasaki Ensemble presenting contemporary music written for traditional chamber koto.  Japanese koto has a unique sound which sets it apart from other instruments, a very pure sound which touches you from within your heart.

There will be a wine tasting accompanying the performance provided by Rockwall Winery in Alameda and light snacks.

Cost:  $50.00 in honor of the 50th Anniversary

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