The Bay Area Through Time

Join the San Francisco Botanical Garden at the Library for a special story time as naturalist Laura Cunningham presents her children’s book, The Bay Area Through Time.  Learn all about the fascinating natural history of the Bay Area’s landscapes, plants and animals as we travel back in time hundreds of millions of years!  We’ll also make some art inspired by our Ancient Plant Garden.

Each turn of the page ventures further and further back in time: from a mere three hundred years ago, not long after the arrival of the first European explorers, to when Columbian mammoths lumbered about waterfall-ringed meadows (40,000 years ago); to when saber-toothed cats pounced on three-toed horses (10 million years ago); to when dinosaurs foraged for food on golden, sandy beaches (80 million years ago); and finally to 400 million years ago, when today’s San Francisco Bay was a watery realm dominated by bizarre invertebrates.

Cost:  Free
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