Backyard Composting and Vermicultuure

The Program: Learn how to turn your food and garden scraps into nutrient-rich compost that your plants will love! Learn easy ways to compost, what makes good compost so important in a sustainable garden, how composting can make the most of you garden water budget, practical ways to avoid adding to our landfills and what to do with table scraps.  You’ll also get information on how to get started with worm composting including how to buy or build a worm bin, how to start the worm nest and how to get young people involved in composting.

The Speaker: Joan Irwin has been a Marin Master Gardener since 2003 and has degrees from the University of Michigan and UC-Berkeley who readily shares her wealth of knowledge about composting with the public. Susan Garnett is from the Marin Master Gardener class of 2008 and participates in the Garden Walks in conjunction with MMWD and is a member of the Edibles Guild.

Cost:  FREE