Anderson Valley Wildflower Show

Take a drive through beautiful Anderson Valley, to the A.V. Unity Club Garden Section’s Wildflower Show.  Samples of every Wildflower in Mendocino County will be in June Hall, at the Fairgrounds in Boonville. Those pretty blue flowers you see on the hills will be on display, identified, and grouped with other members of their plant Family. Bring along a plant, and a team of plant I.D. experts will help you find its name.

The Library nook will offer a variety of books, field guides, posters and other items, all plant-related, for sale by the local California Native Plant Society Sanhedrin Chapter.  Some of their posters and books are included in the Raffle, see below. You can take a break in the Tea Room, and enjoy some good food and a beverage. The walls of the Tea Room will be lined with colorful photos of local native plants, from the Hulbert collection. You may take home some flowers and shrubs from the Nursery corner; all propagated by Garden Section members and Ken Montgomery. You could win the big Rhododendron, or a practical plant-related prize from the RAFFLE. The drawing will be held just before closing on Sunday. You do NOT need to be present to win. Proceeds from the raffle and plant sales go toward scholarships for graduating A.V. High School Seniors.

Learn more about California Native Plants and the Alien Invaders who compete for their habitats. Get the scoop on Lyme Disease and the ticks that carry it.

Cost:  Free

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