Adventures in Polemoniaceae

Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden presents Polemoniaceae, also known as the Phlox Family, is one of the flowering plant families responsible for the brilliantly colored hills and valleys in California, but it is also a notoriously complicated group! It has frustrated the botanical giants, from Asa Gray to Arthur Cronquist. We are fortunate to live in a state that houses the greatest diversity of the Phlox family on the planet. It is time to enjoy them!

In this workshop, J. Mark Porter, PhD., researcher and professor of Botany at Claremont Graduate University, will explain why Polemoniaceae are so challenging. More importantly, he will train you how to know (and hopefully appreciate) the genera and species of the family. Join us in the classroom, laboratory, and field to experience an adventure into Polemoniaceae!

Cost: Members $125; Non-Members $150
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