Meet the Designer: Liz Simpson

Are you interested in removing your lawn, and replacing it with edibles and native plants? If so, this tour of three gardens designed by Liz Simpson, two in Oakland and one in Pleasanton is the tour for you.

The Lohman/Biehn garden, a riotous mix of native plants and edibles, contains bright seaside daisies and monkeyflowers, which mingle with asparagus, leeks, and kale, under the rustling branches of apple, plum, and persimmon trees. The back garden contains a figure eight meditation path overlooking Whittle Creek.

At the Moses/ Kerner garden Liz created an organic design of flagstone and river rock pouring through groundcovers and flowing grasses, evoking the feeling of a cascading dry creek. In the back garden, Liz designed a low garden wall with a creative arrangement of repurposed terracotta chimney flues planted with a diverse collection of succulents.

Finally, you’ll tour the sensational drought-tolerant, bird- and bee-friendly Habets garden, which has been divided into a series of ‘garden rooms.’ Plants serve as walls, and the rooms are connected with curving pathways that lead you onward and provide a sense of mystery. The spectacular hardscape includes a drilled rock water feature, custom-made stone benches, a breakfast nook, an outdoor dining area sheltered by grape arbor, and a hidden Petanque court.

A program of the Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour.

Location: Oakland and Pleasant Hill, California. Additional details are provided upon registration.

Fee: $30