22nd Annual Sale of San Francisco Native Plants

The Yerba Buena Native Plant Sale is an opportunity to find a great many native plant species that aren’t readily available at garden centers. Our focus and offerings, as always, will be native plants local to our chapter area: San Francisco and northern San Mateo County, including Montara and San Bruno Mountains. These are the species already adapted to our area’s climate, soils, and habitats–and are also important to our local fauna.
Many of the plants for sale will have been grown by chapter volunteers from seeds, cuttings, or divisions– from garden plants or other sources from our chapter area. Great efforts are made to learn the provenance of the plants at our sale, as we understand the importance of maintaining a local gene pool.

Books and posters will also be available for purchase.

Fall is the ideal time for planting. The Annual Plant Sale is Yerba Buena Chapter’s primary source of funding; it enables us to put on our programs –and strive to fulfill our mission. Get great plants for your garden and help support CNPS!

Cash and checks and credit cards will be accepted for plant and book sales. (Membership applications accept credit info. Please join us!) For additional information, or if you wish to help with the sale, contact Ellen Edelson (415-531-2140 or e.edelson@sbcglobal.net).

Cost Free

For more information: www.cnps-yerbabuena.org/plantsale